Juiced Link Slider now available!

So the Juiced link slider I mentioned a few weeks ago is now available. They put up a video with test footage and well it looks pretty good.

The examples are very smooth. This is definatly the good budget option if you want to stay away from friction sliders such as the popular IGUS sliders. I do wonder how hard it will be to control the speed of the slide however. In the examples, he used gravity or a bicycle wheel to control speed. It looked as though it would be tough to get a very slow smooth slide. Although I think that is with any slider unless you attach a pulley system or motor to it. Also there is no easy way to connect this to a tripod. Maybe it would be easy to connect to two tripods, but if it is only a light 3 foot slider it would be much easier to attach to one tripod. The price seems a bit high for something you could DIY yourself pretty easily, but it does not look like a bad deal for people who are not great with a screwdriver.

I purchased a IGUS pre drilled slider after returning an opteka one. The IGUS is definitely better for larger cameras. I will have a video and a review up sometime next week. I’ve been super busy!


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