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DSLR Video of the Week.

Yes, I’m starting DSLR Video/film of the week. Every week I will choose a video that is posted on line shot with a DSLR and post it here.

This music video was shot by a friend of mine and I really like it. They used a 5DmII and a 7D.


An interesting fact is that for the choruses shot at 60fps they actually had the band play the song much faster so it would sync up in slow motion…pretty cool huh?

Also, check out the band: SCIENCE is a MAN


Update for FCPX

As promised Apple has released an update to FCPX to include XML support. This new update includes the ability to import and export XML, create custom starting timecode, and more. It also features a new thing called “roles” to export your data. Along with this there are updates to compressor and motion in the app store. The Motion update is over one GB and I am currently downloading that…taking forever. Also includes a new theme.

Free Color Grade Presets for FCPX

There is no shortage of free additions for FCPX. One of the best I have come across so far has been a TON of preset color grades. These were created by Brendan Gibbons who has created so many useful plug ins and templates for FCPX.

What I love about all of these color grading presets is that if you go through your project and balance your color in color correction one, it is extremely easy to go through and add a look by adding the preset into a second color correction. And even add a different look in correction 3 and toggle them back and forth. Also, you can always tweak the preset to get exactly the look you want.

Currently he has three color grading presets.

BG Color Board Preset Pack 1

BG Color Board Preset Pack 2 – Singing the (NLE) Blues

BG Color Board Preset Pack 3 – End of a Golden Era?

I have noticed that having all of these installed at the same time makes the preset window take an extra second to open.

Oh and did I mention they’re low in sugar?

Final Cut Pro 7 Basic Training

So I finally uploaded the Final Cut 7 Basic Training series I’ve been working on. I uploaded parts one through four and part five is on the way.

Click the link above or navigate to it by clicking on the tutorials tab at the top of the site!

Have you heard of the Pico Flex Dolly?

If you check out Cheesycam or Olivia tech, I’m sure that you’ve heard of the Pico Flex Dolly. It is a pretty inexpensive tool for creating very interesting shots.


This would be great for smaller sized cameras including many DSLR’s. You can even fit a fluid head on top.

Short Update

So, I haven’t posted in quite a while and I apologize about that. I have just moved back to school and spent a lot of time packing/unpacking organizing things and going to classes of course. I will do my best to continue to fill this site with new information and videos as I have in the past. I feel I will be able to post more often from Wednesday through Sunday, so if you don’t see new posts in the beginning of the week don’t be disappointed they are coming!

What I have lined up:

So I have been working on a intro tutorial series for FCP7 that I will be released this weekend. It is a 5 part series just covering the basics. I will continue to post tutorials for post production as the year goes on (this is part of my role as Post Production Supervisor at RTN at school).

The Wordsman Show will be continuing this year. If you haven’t checked it out you can see the first episode and promo video we created last year. There is much more to come this year, but in a slightly different format.