Monthly Archives: October 2011

No time = No Posts.

I have been way too busy for my own good. That being said I have not posted in a very long time. I will also not be posting frequently until December again. I will try to continue to post weekly updates though.

There has been a lot of cool things going on while I haven’t been posting though.

First and foremost The Wordsman Show was green lit by RTN (Rowan Television Network). Keep an eye out for our new content to be posted by November.

Also the Canon 1DX has been announced. I’ve seen some videos and boy is this thing FAST. No 1080P @ 60FPS though? really Canon? There’s at least one reason to go Sony, not to mention their translucent mirror technology. Check out CheesyCam’s post about theCanon 1DX.

Also, check out the Lytro Camera that you can literally focus after you take the shot.