I’m Pat Harris, I’m 20 years old currently studying Radio TV & Film at Rowan with a Minor in Advertising and a Concentration in New Media.

I’m an aspiring Cinematographer, Filmmaker, and VFX/Motion graphics designer.

Like many others, I have embraced DSLR filmmaking. The low price point of so many DSLR’s really makes it the budget film option. Anytime I find anything related to DSLR budget filmmaking I will post it!

This is my Production Blog!

I made this blog to post updates on everything I’m doing with productions, photography, or my band. I will post everything from behind the scenes, to screenshots or songs. Also, cool things I find along the way.

  1. Fix your links in this article http://patmharris.wordpress.com/2011/07/23/opteka-47/

    You’re pointing to the wrong website using the wrong name.

    • Wow, I’m really sorry, that’s my bad, I can’t believe I did that. I visit both of your guys blogs so often I guess I got them mixed up.

      Sorry about that, it is fixed.

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