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Wanna know how to shoot video on your iPhone?

That’s how. Thanks, OliviaTech


WVIL…yes that stands for Wireless Viewfinder Interchangeable Lens, duh.

If i was the guy on the left holding that lens…I would have ran for my life with it. Okay, maybe not.

Their website has a few more details. Not only can you just walk around and put your lens anywhere and take pictures with just the screen, you can use this with almost any new lens. The website states that it is compatible with Nikon F series mounts, Canon EF series mounts, and mico 4/3 mounts. It features a full frame sensor too!

Their website claims it’s just a camera concept for now, but the video from CES made it look just like a product that should be on shelves, or even better in my living room.

Not sure how many people who have the high quality optics need to have a touch screen to operate them, but either way this technology is just outstanding and really innovative.

New Posts? Say what?

So, in my time off from school during winter break I have been trying not to post, because I know as soon as I get back to school I will probably run out of time again like i did last semester.

But with all of the crazy tech at CES and the new cameras and features it is just too hard not to.

One of the recent announcements was Nikon’s D4 and the new features it holds. This camera is well out of the range of hobbyists, but their new tech allows you to crop down your own sensor size to specific pixels all the way down to HD size. This means you can use your entire sensor and have a super shallow depth of field. Or create a deep depth of field and create a farther reach with your lens by cropping your sensor.

I’m more excited to see the promise of the tech over the actual camera, although it boasts some great other features, including a clean video output. check out more on the Nikon D4 at

No time = No Posts.

I have been way too busy for my own good. That being said I have not posted in a very long time. I will also not be posting frequently until December again. I will try to continue to post weekly updates though.

There has been a lot of cool things going on while I haven’t been posting though.

First and foremost The Wordsman Show was green lit by RTN (Rowan Television Network). Keep an eye out for our new content to be posted by November.

Also the Canon 1DX has been announced. I’ve seen some videos and boy is this thing FAST. No 1080P @ 60FPS though? really Canon? There’s at least one reason to go Sony, not to mention their translucent mirror technology. Check out CheesyCam’s post about theCanon 1DX.

Also, check out the Lytro Camera that you can literally focus after you take the shot.

Have you heard of the Pico Flex Dolly?

If you check out Cheesycam or Olivia tech, I’m sure that you’ve heard of the Pico Flex Dolly. It is a pretty inexpensive tool for creating very interesting shots.


This would be great for smaller sized cameras including many DSLR’s. You can even fit a fluid head on top.

Filmic Pro app

I recently posted on Almost DSLR, a free video camera app for ios to give you more controls over your video. Of course this does give you decent controls over your exposure and focus, with the ability to lock them.

If you want more control over your filming with an iPhone (and you don’t mind paying $2.99 for it) Filmic Pro looks to be a great app.

I have not purchased it, but it is very tempting. It’s best feature in my opinion is being able to select the frame rate you want. It also includes manual controls and audio meters.

Gizmodo posts a pretty in depth review, so if your interested in the app check it out.

I don’t often use my iPhone as a video camera during production in any of my videos (maybe a clip here or there or for behind the scenes footage). So for now I am going to stil with the free app, but down the road if I use my iPhone for video a bit more who knows.