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Almost DSLR (free) iPhone App

So I spent some time looking for a free iPhone app with manual video controls (exposure & focus mostly). Searching on google or the app store did not find me many results, but what I did find was the Almost DSLR app. There is a paid version, but if you want it for free you only have to deal with a banner ad, which does not appear in your final video/photo, and it asking you to buy it every so often. Not a bad deal.

It does not have FULL manual controls, but you tap to focus, double tap to set exposure and you can set it to lock the focus and exposure which is pretty much all I wanted. It is very helpful if you are filming something and do not want the exposure to change as it often does in the stock camera app. This does the same thing for pictures as well, which I find less useful because you only taking a picture so locking focus is not AS important, but it could still come in handy. The app also features a timer, so thats a plus.

This app would be helpful to those who only have one nice camera and are making videos that they want to show the camera in, or maybe show them operating the camera (like I did in my recent IGUS Slider video). Or it could be helpful to someone who just wants to make better videos with their iPhone. With a lot of light the iPhone does put out a decent picture (for a phone). Be sure to pick up an iPhone tripod mount also, to create steady shots as the app does not include stabilization, but it’s free so you can’t complain. I ordered this tripod mount/tripod (more for the mount) which Amazon says will be here Thursday (thanks Irene for making deliveries slower) along with a new lens, and a DSLR flycam, so many reviews to come shortly!

I’m also working on a FCP 7 basic Training series for RTN, which will be up mid September.