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New Posts? Say what?

So, in my time off from school during winter break I have been trying not to post, because I know as soon as I get back to school I will probably run out of time again like i did last semester.

But with all of the crazy tech at CES and the new cameras and features it is just too hard not to.

One of the recent announcements was Nikon’s D4 and the new features it holds. This camera is well out of the range of hobbyists, but their new tech allows you to crop down your own sensor size to specific pixels all the way down to HD size. This means you can use your entire sensor and have a super shallow depth of field. Or create a deep depth of field and create a farther reach with your lens by cropping your sensor.

I’m more excited to see the promise of the tech over the actual camera, although it boasts some great other features, including a clean video output. check out more on the Nikon D4 at