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Sony A77 Hands on review

Here is a hands on review of the A77 by TechRadar. It is a multiple page review complete with sample images.

It has very good thoughts about the EVF although it does make it clear that the 12fps burst shooting will not be useful in certain situations.

Great read, check it out!

Sony announces new line of cameras

This is Big news for DSLR filmmakers…and I mean BIG! The A77 has been rumored for quite some time and will easily compete with the 7D. What I am more excited for is the A65 which is the T3i/60D competitor. I kind of wish I did not buy my 60D and waited for this guy. Check out there whole line of new cameras (much emphasis on the NEX line) with this video:


Here is a video on the A77 with a brand new 2.8 Kit lens:


And here is a video that goes over the specs and differences between the A77 and A65:

Okay, so one of the majors features of the A77 and A65 is the TMT (translucent mirror technology). This means it is not an optical viewfinder, but an electronic one (EVF). In the past the A55 had this same technology, but was not great because it used LCD in the viewfinder. From these videos, it seems that OLED has made the difference and made these very comparable with optical viewfinders. The A77 shoots an amazing 12fps, and the A65 shoots at 10fps (which is still almost twice what the 60D does). Even if the EVF is not quite the same as an optical viewfinder, having constant autofocus could be very helpful, the autofocus is very fast too. Plus, I’m guessing you can shoot video while looking though the viewfinder. This means ALOT, especally if this EVF is comparable to the optical viewfinders. Oh, did I mention that it does 60FPS at a full 1080p? AWESOME! We’ll have to wait and see when it ships in October, but I’m excited anyway. (I’d buy one if I had the money). We’ll also have to see some real world performance in low light.

It will also be interesting to see what Canon’s new line will offer with a rumored new 5DMII on the way as well as a new 7D. Although I don’t think they will be able to compete from a video perspective unless they adapt to a new technology like TMT. (which stinks because I’ve invested into Canon’s line and may want to switch).