Here is a List of other websites about filmmaking that I find very useful, I recommend you visit these sites.



CheesyCam is a great site in a blogging format.It is like that Uncle that you know who has had equipment (or at least used it) that you would ask for guidance on what to buy, where to buy, or how to build. Emm offers great budget options for DSLR Filmmaking including DIY tutorials. They also post very often.

Creative Cow

I cannot say enough about the COW. They offer hundreds of online tutorials many hosted by professionals. I have learned so much about the industry, editing, and production from browsing through this site. There is probably more content on this site than any one person could handle. They offer a tremendous forum with hundreds of topics from Final Cut to Corporate Videos. They also have tons of podcasts too, great site for information.

Video Copilot

I pretty much taught myself what I know in after effects, and by teaching myself I mean watching tons of tutorials online about after effects: I’d have to say the majority of them come from Video Copilot. This site is a must if you work with after effects. Even if you want to learn after effects they offer a great 10 part beginners training. Best of all it’s free! All of the tutorials hosted on the site are free. They sell plugins and stock footage for after effects that are often used in their tutorials. A must for VFX work.Oh and the tutorials are entertaining too! Andrew Kramer has a great personality for tutorials.

No Film School

No Film School offers great insight on many production techniques and equipment. They have an awesome DSLR Cinematography Guide to download, best of all it is free! The posts on this website range from how to build a hackintosh to price increases on the RED. I always find an new interesting article when visiting this site.

Indy Mogul

I have to admit, years ago when Indy Mogul was in it’s infancy it helped to keep my dreams in filmmaking alive. They offer numerous shows such as Backyard Effects (BFX) and 4 minute filmschool. They have hundreds of DIY tutorials ranging from building a car mount to creating Harry Potter make up. The site is a great resource for anybody on a budget. What they create might not always have a professional “look” to it, but it will provide good results. I don’t visit this site too often because every time I do I end up watching hours of DIY tutorials.

Olivia Tech

Olivia Tech is another site with a blogging format. She posts articles similar to those of DSLR Film Noob and Cheesy Cam, but also posts interesting tech articles not always associated with filming or photography. She offers many helpful reviews of budget products related to DSLR filmmaking.

Have another great site about filmmaking? Post it in the comments below!

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